Virtual Story Circles, with Roadside Theater


Each one of our stories is a gift to those who are listening, and the quality of the listening a gift, in return, to the storyteller. The stories we tell ourselves and others, both those we can understand and those we can imagine, define not only what we believe to have already occurred but also what we believe to be possible in our individual and collective lives. The Story Circle affirms individual stories through listening, engendering appreciation for the unique intellectual, emotional, and spiritual qualities of each participant, developing oral expression and listening skills, and establishing groundwork for building new expressions of our collective experience and imagination in which every voice is valued. Roadside’s Story Circle methodology embodies the basic principle of such community change work: the inherent genius of every community can be the generative base for building our own future, together.

Roadside Theater will lead two story circle-based sessions at ICAF. The first, limited to 6-8 individuals, will equip participants to facilitate their own story circles. The second session, open to 40-50 individuals, will create multiple, simultaneous story circles in which participants get to experience the methodology, share stories, and listen to participants’ stories from around the world. 


Date:                           27 February 2021, Saturday

Time:                          10 PM (CET) I 5 AM ( GMT + 8)

Host:                           ICAF Rotterdam HUB

Facilitator:                    Roadside Theater, a program of Appalshop(USA)

Duration:                    1,5 hours

Capacity:                     40 – 50 individuals

Registration:               click here to register

Language:                   English

Venue:                        Zoom (Not open to public)


Friday 26 February 22.00
Saturday 27 February 22.00