Social practice, communities and culture: perspectives from Singapore and Malaysia

Artist: Sunitha Janamohanan,  Koh Hui Ling, Janet Pillai, Grace Lee-Khoo

Community engaged or socially engaged art practice has been on the rise in Southeast Asia in the last two decades, though its roots can be traced back to the 1980s through the work of theatre groups such as PETA in the Philippines and Makhampon Theatre in Thailand. As urbanisation and development transforms the ways societies engage with each other, we see the increasing intersection and blurring of boundaries between art-making, activism and advocacy, and community building. Artists play an important, though in Southeast Asia still under-appreciated and little understood, role in constructing a society that is more equitable, diverse, democratic and free. The three speakers on this panel from Singapore and Malaysia share a common background in theatre practice, but each adopts different strategies in how they use community/socially engaged practice to affect change in their respective communities or to further their chosen cause. Each will also share how their work is shaped by and responds to particular social, cultural and political contexts. 


Date:                        26 February 2021, Friday

Time:                        1PM – 2.30PM (Rotterdam Time - CET) / 8PM – 9.30PM (Singapore Time – GMT + 8)

Host:                         Singapore HUB

Moderator:                 Sunitha Janamohanan

Speaker:                    Koh Hui Ling (Singapore), Janet Pillai (Malaysia), Grace Lee-Khoo (Singapore)

Duration:                   1.5 hours

Language:                  English

Venue:                       Live streaming via Vimeo


Here's more information to give more context to the works the speakers will touch on during the panel:


Friday 26 February 13.00