Exchange Plaza 1

In the Exchange Plaza we provide space for last-minute additions to the programme.

  • Andy Barrett and Excavate: over the past year, Andy together with Indian partners has been developing educational theatre pieces on mental health in the Basti areas of Pune, India. He and his team have documented their activities on 3D video, which you can view here with special goggles. This material is an inspiration for documenting community art with new audiovisual and virtual reality technology.
  • Eric Booth and The International Teaching Artist Conference: Eric founded ITAC, teaches for it at the Lincoln Center in New York and has just launched a music programme for migrant-crisis-affected youth on the US southern border inspired by El Sistema in Latin America. Eric and his ITAC colleague Madeleine McGirk introduce their activities.
  • Take a Part is a collective of freelance artists who are working in a grassroots and embedded way across the South West region of the UK to co-create and co-commission contemporary projects that focus on identity, cohesion and skills development in areas high on the socio-economic deprivation register and therefore underserved by mainstream cultural opportunities.
    Two members of Take a Part want to conduct a short workshop about failure, inviting participants to imagine the worst project ever (e.g., no consultation, short time limit, unreasonable budget, insensitive perimeters, using rather than working with and celebrating others). They then discuss alternatives working towards a manifesto for how we can all approach working in social/community settings moving forward - a set of agreed principles or ways of working.


Saturday 28 March 10.00