Artist: Rotterdams Wijktheater

As a last-minute addition, International Community Arts Festival (ICAF) 2011 in collaboration with the Netherlands Theatre Institute, have managed to bring Marwa Seoudi to Holland. Marwa Seoudi works with the well-known theatre company El Warsha, which has been performing engaged shows in Cairo and beyond for many years now and during the revolution in Tahrir square. At ICAF, she will speak about arts and politics in Egypt and the neighboring countries.

With support from the Swedish Development Agency SIDA, Marwa also coordinates a regional arts network in the Middle East called 'Tamasi', a cooperation between 11 organisations in Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. One of her latest projects is a bus tour called 'Autobis', which will tour Egyptian villages with performances and awareness sessions about the political, economic and human rights issues.

Sunday 3 April 11.00