Botkyrka Community Theatre

Botkyrka Community Theatre (Sweden), Dance in an Apartment

Together with playwright and journalist America Zavala, the Swedish-Chilean choreographer Paloma Madrid (1974) heads the Botkyrka Community Theatre, located in an area of Stockholm with a population largely of immigrant descent. It was here that between 2008 and 2009 she developed the ‘Dance at Home' concept.

For this project, Paloma created novel dance works with inexperienced participants. These dances could then be ‘borrowed', just like a book, from the local library. The dance would then be performed in the borrower's home. Paloma describes her method as, ‘a tailor-made journey to a new body language for each individual participant.' She bypasses conventional, accepted dance techniques, preferring to seek out ‘contra' techniques. By this, she means movements that resist the socially accepted (or socially imposed) forms of movement that our bodies are accustomed to. What happens when we let go of the ethical, social, political and biological aspects of movements that are partially determined by sex and class?
Paloma now wants to explore the possibilities and impossibilities of ‘Dance at Home' with the active participation of different Rotterdammers. In the first week of her residency, Paloma will guide participants in the creation of an original dance that in tertms of space fits into a living room. During the festival, this dance can be seen on Thursday and Saturday, performed in an apartment in Katendrecht.

See the video below for the registration of the workproces: