ICAF 2011



In this fifth edition of our community arts festival, we placed the POWER of community centre stage. Many people already know about the great things that can be achieved through community art: art made for, by and with people who otherwise have very little to do with art, in places with almost no artistic or cultural infrastructure. What is that special power, and is it affected by the medium, whether it's music, dance, theatre, fine art or video? What is the difference between an aboriginal storyteller appearing on a stage in Sydney or surrounded by his own community in the outback or in a South African township or in the Bulgarian countryside? How can we take that special power generated by a whole range of remarkable Dutch community arts projects and communicate it to foreign community artists and the people they work with? How can we, for instance, use powerful dance work from other parts of the world as an example to inspire Dutch dancers and choreographers. They may want to go into the communities but not know where to start with people who have no formal dance training. Is it possible to work with them and create powerful art? All those questions and more, we explored back in 2011, through shows, workshops and talking sessions. Want to know more? Just click on the 'information' button for more texts and images or order our book and video Community, Art, Power.


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