23 July 2020

People and Papers, Formaat & the Paulus Church

A tip for our friends and colleagues in the Netherlands!

Theater of the Opressed organisation Formaat and The Paulus Church from Rotterdam jointly invite you to the exhibition People and Papers from 11 to 30 August 2020in Formaat’s Studio at Westzeedijk 513 in Rotterdam.This exhibition was a part of the ICAF 2020 programme and since the festival had to be canceled due to COVID19, we are happy to bring this great work to your attention through online channels.



In this intense, interactive exhibition by and about people in Rotterdam without papers, you will discover the connecting effect of light and the depth of the shadow. Experience and research the language, system and people behind the label "undocumented".


Formaat studio, Westzeedijk 513, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
From 11 to 30 August 2020 between 1:00 pm - 9:15 pm
A maximum of 5 visitors are welcome per 75-minute time slot.


You can visit during pre-reserved time slots.
Costs 15 Euro pp (or €10 pp, if you come with a group of 5 people).

Order your ticket here: https://www.size.org/people-and-paper-s/?fbclid=IwAR3T-PgDgz8TAtGAJYL9taCPZX_Ver4ys1cRuJ4y2aJFc2p_9PU4Mm8PbAg

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