The theme of the Summer School 2018 is Changing Perspectives. No place on earth is neutral, has only one significance, or can be understood from one single perspective. How you experience an environment depends on your personal point of view. The feeling we may get in a particular place is generated by ourselves, our history, and the position we have in space and time. Many community arts projects enrich the perspectives of its artists and participants. This can be a perspective on a particular group of people or on a place.

In one of the community arts projects that Eva García currently coordinates in the San Andreu neighbourhood of Barcelona residents are being invited to look differently at their street or area through walks they undertake with audiovisual artists and musicians. How do you engage sensorily with your environment? With the world? How come you have developed your particular perspective? And how (and why) does it differ from someone else’s? Rather than focussing on how different people experience the world, in this Summer School we will look at how you can reveal different perspectives within a community arts project and how you can express these artistically.

We will occupy ourselves with the question how you can make visible and alter a particular image or feeling about a place, group of people or individual. Both Trash Dance and El Puro Lugar productively tackle perspectives on people and places. In the eyes of the spectators the anonymous sanitation workers of Austin transformed into beautiful dancers and local heroes. The death and destruction of Xalapa which for many had turned public space into a no-go area was turned into a pure place full of profound significance thanks to poetic audiovisual and live artistic interventions. Finally, Changing Perspectives is an interesting theme in the framework of an international art exchange. The more people from different contexts are brought together in a single spot, the more fruitful it is to productively mix the different perspectives they bring along.