Cornerstone & Stut

Artist: Cornerstone Theater Company

Cornerstone Theater Company (Los Angeles) is widely regarded as one of the most important community-based theatre companies in the English-speaking world. Founded in 1986, during the first six years of its existence the company was nomadic and specialized in rural residencies around the U.S., deconstructing and rebuilding classical drama texts together with local residents. Early on, the company developed a national reputation for productions like Hamlet in Marmarth, North Dakota, and Romeo and Juliet in Port Gibson, Mississippi. Since the company’s relocation to Los Angeles in 1992, Cornerstone relinquished its exclusive focus on the classics in favour of a new dramaturgy based on personal experiences of the participants, who come from all walks of life. Recent projects include Love On San Pedro with the Skid Row neighborhood, and Urban Rez with Native people living in Los Angeles.


In this ICAF event, Cornerstone ensemble members - actor/playwright and founding member Peter Howard, Artistic Director Michael John Garcés, and Paula Donnelly, Director of Engagement- will use the company’s globally inspiring history to share methodology. More specifically, they will reflect on their recent collaborative exchange in Utrecht with Stut Theatre and a group of participants from the Van der Hoeven Clinic, a centre for forensic clinical psychiatry. They will present the result of this unique collaboration in the form of a work-in-progress reading.

Saturday 1 April 13.30