merlijn met kinderen

Cyprus: Echoes Across the Divide

Artist: Merlijn Twaalfhoven

Nicosia: the world's last divided capital. Turkish & Greek Cypriots prepare to bridge no-man's-land with a performance like no other, from the rooftops of the old Venetian town.

Through the performers we see what it means to grow up in an island divided by fear, hatred, barbed wire & minefields.

"Long Distance Call" by young Dutch composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven brings together musicians from both sides in the U.N. buffer zone - the infamous "Green Line" - until political reality rudely interrupts the project's grand finale...

Film maker ADAM SÈBIRE (director/camera/editor/producer) was born in Melbourne in 1970. He studied documentary filmmaking at the Cuban International Film School (EICTV). When not making arts documentaries for SBS Television in Australia, Adam can be found behind a bass trombone in jazz & pit orchestras, or working casually at the Sydney Opera House.

"Cyprus: Echoes Across the Divide" is his first self-funded documentary.


Friday 1 April 19.00