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Some of the attending organizations of ICAF 2014 keep us updated on their projects.

22 Jul 2014, 07:58

Further to our thoughts about what is modern sea treasure. Holly found this sweet story that speaks of the darker …

By: Blue Angel

9 Jul 2014, 09:26

On Common Ground » Dawn Arrival

By: ICAFrotterdam

Joker Tsunami in Ukraine

25 Feb 2014, 22:53

On February 10th 2014 (the day I turned 59), Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn, a German-Bolivian Theatre of the Oppresed (TO) practitioner …

By: eugenevanerven



In the weeks and months to come you will be hearing from us through this newsletter, whenever there is something noteworthy to announce. These might be projects of our partners, or news about the ICAF documentary which Angie Hernandez and her crew will be editing over the northern hemisphere summer.

For now on behalf of Anamaria and all the others at Rotterdams Wijktheater we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and the incredibly positive spirit all of you invested in the festival. We believe it was the best one yet and look forward to developing this wonderful international adventure in the years to come, together with you.

Eugene van Erven 

On Common Ground: Debaj and Citizens Theatre at the Commonwealth Games

13 May 2014

They met at our 2011 festival and have been creating plans for a co-production ever since. …

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Notes from Dr. Kerrie Schaefer

11 May 2014

On four consecutive mornings during our festival, Dr. Kerrie Schaefer

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ICAF video by Roos Hekkens about Ut & Anat from Israel

9 May 2014

One of Utrecht University’s community arts interns, Roos Hekkens, …

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Joker Tsunami in Ukraine

7 March 2014

On February 10th 2014, Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn sent us an urgent mail from Ukraine. …

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Bring your orphaned sock...

7 March 2014

... and find a mate (for the sock)! …

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Deejays and live jams at the late night stage

7 March 2014

One of the most popular activities at previous ICAFs has always been the late night stage. …

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